Renko // Florist // Forager // Artist

"The floral industry is incredibly wasteful and has a huge carbon footprint"

"When I started working for a florist 11 years ago, I was shocked at how much product went in the trash – especially after an event that lasts a few hours and then beautiful, perfect flowers would go in the garbage. I started keeping all the trash to save everything."

"...the travel a lot of flowers go through to get to the market is excessive. Reading 'Flower Confidential' was a great early intro into that world that even I as a florist don't really see."

"I am bored with the same flowers that everyone uses.


So I turned to foraging, my background in Hawaii, local and seasonal fruits and vegetables"


" a way to cure plant blindness, or maybe in my case local and seasonal blindness"


"[I'm growing] an incredible assortment of vegetables and flowers from Floret. I am maybe most excited about the black tomatoes." 

P.I.A. Do you have a lot of growing space?
"I do, I have a whole side and backyard I am turning into raised beds as well as a floral studio behind my house."
P.I.A. Do your neighbors grow food as well?
"They do! They have started during quarantine, like many!"
P.I.A. What are you most excited to make with your harvest?
"I am excited to make arrangements, obviously!"
P.I.A. Do you use a specific gardening technique or do you just wing it?

"I am literally winging it. But paying attention and observing your plants and the dirt every day goes a long way. Being attentive is half of it in my opinion."