Welcome to the Plant Intelligence Agency.

If you are here, in your possession is the Native Flower Prescription.

These seeds have been specifically chosen to help restore the LA urban ecosystem. Creating pollinator gardens is an important step in providing food and habitat for birds, bees, and other pollinators indigenous to the area.


  1. Locate your planting area and clear any visible weeds. Pull them by the root!

  2. Mix a handful of seeds with some sand or dry clay soil to help spread them more evenly, then cast them out onto the land.

  3. Lightly water them between rains to keep the area moist during seed germination.

Once these native plants have established themselves they require little to no watering. A common mistake is to over water. Allow the plants to go to flower so they can reseed themselves. DO NOT use any pesticides. These plants have been selected for their ability to restore pollinator habitats.

Tag and/or DM us the location of your seeds to add to the map!