Kimberly's Garden

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Client notes: 

2-3 hours of sunlight

100 sq ft +

1-2x week to dedicate

"My plan was to do a terrace style with the railroad ties as I've started up top and then have a walking path every two rows. 

I wouldn't be replacing the Agave. 

Would like to replace all the rosemary

Sloping area filled with rosemary, interested in turning it into an herb and vegetable garden with harmonious plants or the environment. The huge tree provides shade but still allows for sunlight citrus fruit"


Home soil test - collect a sample of soil in a jar, add water and shake. Observe the water and how the soil settles. 

This will give you an idea of your soil composition. 

Compost - Preferred compost brand

Coco Coir - Great as a peat moss replacement Good to add into compost as your organic material


Lemon balm - grow in pot, it can spread like a mint. Great for insomnia and calming. Good for stomach.


California Poppy- great for insomnia when made into a tincture

California Sage Brush- Can be made into a pain reliever 


Arugula (grows quickly likes sun)

Basil (continuously harvest and prune for best yield)

Beets (grow quickly and can grow more in shaded area, beet greens are great to eat for HCL production. Good for stomach)

Broccolli Raab (quick growing and takes less space than broccoli)

Celery (takes up space not as much yield)

Collard greens (grow big but can be harvested young)

Garlics & Onions (plant in November)

Zuchinni (takes up space)
Tomatoes (like full sun and require a tower)

Lettuce (can be planted in shadier spots) try leafier varieties for easier harvesting throughout the season


Peas or beans - (great to plant now, best in full sun and require a support system). Try planting next to sunflowers and use the sunflower as their support! 

Shiso (Perilla) Grown in a pot is a fun addition to recipes and salads and packed with nutrients 

Eggplant (likes full sun and requires a tower)










Hummingbird Sage - prune end of summer. Grows well in shade. Great red flowers and scent. It attracts hummingbirds to the garden. Provides nectar in the winter. Acts as a groundcover and spreads roots underground. Late fall or winter, dig up roots. 

Cut flower stalks to the ground once a year. Grows well in pots. 

Yarrow - can spread so needs to be maintained but great attractor for insects. Foliage provides winter forage for birds. Flowers attract bees and butterflies. 

California sagebrush (artemisia californica) - late flowering provides important supply of pollen, nectar and seeds for insects and birds. Hard prune in the fall. This plant reseeds itself but can easily be controlled. 

Narrowleaf Milkweed- can spread aggresively. Food for monarch butterflies. important contribution to any habitat garden. 

Fragaria chiloensis - ground covers native strawberries. can grow well in shade. Small edible delicious berries. Prune well each spring. 

Pitcher sage - Lepechinia fragrans- one of the most incredible smelling sages. Lush foliage in the winter, blooms in the summer. 

Sticky Monkeyflower - A hummingbird favorite! Cut back in may or early Jun and will produce flowers through August. They benefit from regular pruning and care. Can get 2-4 feet tall and wide. Do well in partial shade. Need to be replaced every 2-5 years. 

White sage - likes full sun. Sacred plant, great for bees. Great for the border of the garden. Needs little water. Grows 2-6 feet wide and 3 ft tall. 

Cleveland sage - Salvia clevelandii. Likes full sun, well drained soil. One of our most fragrant sages, can replace cooking sage in many recipes. Place in hottest, driest part of garden. Has beautiful blue flowers in late spring. 


Globe Gilia - Gilia capitata - sun/ partial shade.

California Poppy - Escholsia californica

Purple Chinese Houses - Collinsia heterophylla 

Tidy Tips - Laylia platyglossa 

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